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An Easier Way to Coach Youth Soccer

EZ Coach digital card sets contain 50 activities organized into 12-week lesson plans that develop 5-12-year-old field players and goalkeepers.


$12 per Card Set *

* Includes 50 Digital Activity Cards, 5 Skill Demonstration Cards, and a “Coaching in Practices and Games” Guide


Many youth soccer coaches face
the following frustrations:

  • Lack of a clear practice curriculum
  • Confusion about how to mix and match activities
  • Uncertainty about when to introduce new skills, such as dribbling or passing
  • Struggling to set up or clearly explain practice drills


EZ Coach’s online soccer training system is revolutionary! EZ Coach offers 8 digital card sets by age level for coaches of U5-U12 field players, plus 2 card sets for coaches of U7-U9 and U10-U12 goalkeepers, and 2 card sets for U5-U8 and U9-U12 players who want to practice at home. Each card set features 50 activities and 5 skill demonstrations organized into a 12-week lesson plan.


EZ Coach is perfect for:

  • Parents or volunteers new to coaching who are looking for guidance in organizing their training sessions
  • Experienced coaches who welcome new ideas for augmenting their current best practices
  • Club administrators or DOCs responsible for ensuring that players are receiving consistent coaching
  • Players who would like ‘homework activities’ to build their skills

EZ Coach offers a total of 12 card set options. Click on one to view a sample weekly lesson plan:

8 Card Sets for
Coaches of Field Players
2 Card Sets for
Coaches of Goalkeepers
(U7-U9 and U10-U12)
2 Backyard Card
Sets for Players
(U5-U8 and U9-U12)


From on-field use to at-home practice, EZ Coach is every player’s and coach’s training dream.

  • Coaches can print activity cards on an as-needed basis, bring them to practice, and use them to develop individual training sessions
  • Activities are quick, easy to set up, and guaranteed to keep kids engaged
  • End-of-season demonstration tests showcase individual player improvement
  • EZ Coach is incredibly affordable at $12 per digital card set


EZ Coach offers a total of 12 digital card set options:

EZ Coach offers 8 card sets by age level for coaches of U5-U12 field players.

Each card set follows a 12-week plan, featuring 50 digital activity cards that teach basic skills and 5 skill demonstration cards that highlight key techniques that players should learn at the given age level. Activities cover central themes such as running with the ball, control, dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting, attacking play, defensive play, and more. As a bonus, each card set also includes a guide to “Coaching in Practices and Games.”

View a sample weekly lesson plan:

EZ Coach offers two card sets by age level for coaches of U7-U9 and U10-U12 goalkeepers.

Each card set follows a 12-week plan, featuring 50 digital activity cards that teach basic skills and 5 skill demonstration cards that highlight key techniques that players should learn at the given age level. Activities cover central themes such as handling, shot stopping, footwork and positional play, diving and deflections, catching and punching, and distribution and communication.

View a sample weekly lesson plan:


EZ Coach offers two card sets by age level for U5-U8 and U9-U12 players.

Each backyard card set is designed to encourage young players to explore free play and have fun with family and friends. Activities cover central themes such as running with the ball, control, dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting, goalkeeping, attacking play, defensive play, and more.

View 5 sample activities:




Here’s what others are saying about EZ Coach:

Simply put, EZ Coach makes life easier!

Peter Simon
Santa Rosa, CA

EZ Coach offers the only coaching guide designed to be taken to a field and used during practice. Whereas most printable session plans and books provide content in broad age groups, EZ Coach is the only product that I know of that offers a comprehensive ‘age-pure’ development program, with different game-based drills and practices for each level of play. It’s awesome!

Keith Daly
Mill Valley, CA

Our U7 coaches now know what our U6 coaches are teaching, and vice versa. The U11 coach can expect players to be able to execute certain techniques and skills when they move up from U10. This is unique. I’m not aware of any other comparable age-pure development program in the country in any sport, let alone soccer.

Carl Blakey
Littleton, CO


Through EZ Coach, you can provide clear practice curriculums for your coaches and players while simultaneously raising much-needed funds for your club.  Here’s how it works:

  • EZ Coach creates custom coupon codes for your club and teams
  • When a buyer enters your coupon code at checkout, they receive a $2 discount off the $12 per card set purchase price
  • When the buyer completes payment, your club receives a $5 donation from EZ Coach per card set sold

EZ Coach is the ultimate win-win club fundraiser.  Interested to learn more?  Email with questions or to request your custom coupon code(s).


About Ian

Ian TonksIan Tonks is the former President of Major League Soccer Camps, Associate Vice President of Advancement and Athletics at Dominican University of California, and Director of Development at San Francisco USDA affiliate, Marin FC. Raised playing soccer in the UK, he created EZ Coach on the principle that participation in youth soccer should be fun, educational, and character-building.

Ian holds a bachelor’s degree in sports science from the University of Northumbria and an MBA in strategic leadership from Dominican University of California. Outside of work, his passions include exercise, golf and travel. A native of England, he lives in Irvine, California, with his wife and daughter.

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About Ian’s Coaching Philosophy

Ian’s Constructive Coaching philosophy provides the framework for EZ Coach’s method for coaching in practices and games:

C – Cheer your players to give their best effort. Don’t let the scoreboard to be the barometer of success.

O – Operate from the provided practice plans. Adhere to the structure and flow that’s outlined in each card set. Read and digest the plan before you come to practice. Prioritize your goals for each practice to ensure that you get the “need to know” content across in the time allocated.

N – Nurture a positive attitude and can-do spirit.

S – Set individual and collective challenges for the team during each practice and game (i.e. how many juggles can you do or who can make the most accurate passes through the gate in 60 seconds?).

T – Treat officials with respect and serve as a role model to players and parents.

R – Respect the rules of the game and live by them with consistency.

U – Understand and appreciate differences. Nurture these differences in your players. Recognize creativity and ingenuity just as you applaud discipline and perseverance.

C – Commit to learning, self-betterment and the process of continuous improvement. How players stack up against the competition should be secondary to how players learn and get better each week.

T – Talk to your players. Communication is an essential element of team chemistry. Find out about their interests outside of the game. Listen to them. Ask them questions. Empower them by giving them a voice.

I – Instruct with clear direction but let the game be the teacher whenever possible.

V – Voice constructive criticisms but sandwich them with positive and helpful comments and suggestions (i.e. Great effort, Sarah. You nearly pulled it off. You were just a little too aggressive in closing down the space to the ball. Next time try to delay your movement toward the ball and see if you’re able to win the challenge.”).

E – Establish simple and easy to administer rules and expectations. Adhere to these rules and expectations and be consistent in your judgments.

C – Create individual and team goals. Involve players in setting individual and team goals for the season. Put something tangible to each goal (i.e. a number or a date). Make goals achievable but push each child to strive for things that are presently just out of reach.

O – Offer feedback to players and parents on each player’s progress. Try to call or email three parents every week to let them know how their son or daughter is progressing. Provide some suggestions on what they need to do to continue to improve. Make a connection and show that you care.

A – Appreciate the game. Watch it on TV. Read about it in newspapers and on the internet. Take a state-sanctioned referee or coaching course. Play pick-up or participate in an adult soccer league. Immerse yourself in the sport and be captivated by its rich passion and tradition.

C – Celebrate and honor the opponent’s performances. Encourage a respectful code of conduct on the field and on the sideline.

H – Heap lots of praise on your players and in doing so set the tone for parents and family members. And don’t be afraid to extend your celebrations to team parents. Let them know when you appreciate something they’ve done to contribute positively to the team.

I – Illustrate your words with active demonstrations. Ask players to showcase the technique, skill or activity to the group before the game, during half time or after the game.

N – Notice even the smallest and most subtle improvements. Recognize and reward good deeds.

G – Give players room to grow. Support independent thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.